Inventory Manager

Toronto, Canada

We are looking for a dedicated and reliable Inventory Manager to join our organization. Your goal in this position will be to monitor and report on our organization’s inventory levels. You will help develop inventory tracking systems, review levels of supplies, and perform daily analysis.

A successful inventory manager is a trustworthy professional with outstanding record-keeping and analytical abilities. The chosen candidate will demonstrate excellent organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to interpret and analyze large amounts of data.

**This Position is also opened for Co-op students


  • Design and implement an inventory tracking system to optimize inventory control procedures.

  • Examine the levels of supplies and material to determine shortages.

  • Document deliveries and shipments to update inventory.

  • Prepare detailed reports on inventory operations, stock levels, and adjustments.

  • Evaluate new inventory to ensure it’s ready for shipment.

  • Perform analysis to predict potential inventory problems.

  • Analyze different suppliers to obtain the best cost-effective deals.

  • Recruit and train new employees.