Holiday Care Package

Fulfilling Children's Wish Lists

The Holiday Care Package program provides registered families with brand new holiday gifts. The gifts are donated to the organization and allocated to each family by volunteers. This program allows single mothers to have one less worry during the holiday season, relieving stress and providing financial aid. Their children will also get to experience the joy of receiving gifts.

Note:  This program is for registered families. Restrictions may apply.

Do you know, more than 3000 children don’t have the privilege to receive presents during Christmas? You could help them receive one.  We encourage everyone to support and donate SMIP in bringing smiles to children who are unfortunate and are in need. Every donation, whether small or big, will help fulfill our registered children’s wish lists during the holiday season.

What is HCP?

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This program provides registered families with brand new holiday gifts, based on their wish list. These wish lists are provided by each registered family during the month