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Our organization has assisted over 700 families since 2009


      Note: All donations over the amount of $20 will receive a tax receipt 

      Approximately 42% of children living in a lone-mother family are reported as low-income households, according to a Statistics Canada report in 2015. 

       That’s 465,040 kids who cannot have essential needs met, including materials for school. Living in poverty makes it difficult for our clients to provide the necessary items for their children returning to class.

      "Back to School" is a program that gives the children of our registered mothers the opportunity to return to school with all the school supplies they need. Our organization puts together backpack kits for these children. 

      We accept donations of:

      - School supplies (ex. Backpacks, lunch bags, binders, lined paper, pencils, pens, calculators, etc.)

      - Gift cards

      - Monetary Donations

      Your donation will provide a child with supplies for a backpack kit and help pave a path to a successful future.

      Your support will give some of those 465,040 kids the opportunity to do better in school and achieve a better lifestyle. 

      With your help, we can make the community a better place for all those mothers who need a helping hand.

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        Single mothers tend to be the face of many negative statistics. Too often they are victims of financial and health troubles. 

        We aim to empower our clients, so that single mothers in Canada can step out of the negative statistics
        and become success stories. They become survivors.


        About Single Mothers in Progress

        Single Mothers In Progress was founded by a single mother of four in 2009. After becoming a survivor of many intolerable challenges by the age of 27, Sherril Downer decided it was time to make a change. She began assisting mothers in her community in any way she could. After serving the community for two years, S.M.I.P. became a registered non-profit organization in June 2011. Sherril operated the organization for two years from her living room while using any community center she could afford.

        In March of 2013, S.M.I.P became a registered charitable organization providing programs and services that assist single mothers and their children with basic needs, education, and employment within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  S.M.I.P also provides support to single mothers and serves its registered families in Canada and Internationally.  After 7 years of programs and services,  our organization has assisted over 700 families.


        What we do

        Our goal is to motivate, help and empower single mothers.
        The following programs and services are provided:


        Our mission is to help our clients overcome their current issues and move forward and upward in life. In order to do this, our counseling sessions provide advice to aid with the mother’s/child’s/children’s initial issue(s) through mental, emotional and financial support.
        We also help to create a 5-year plan for our clients to move forward and have a high quality of life. 

        The Inspire, Motivate, and Educate Program

        The program is a series of seminars provided for registered mothers in order to inspire and educate them in different areas of expertise. We aim to give these mothers the knowledge and skills they need to enter the workforce. The following seminars are offered:

        Landlord and Tenant Issues
        Anger Management
        Money Management
        Being a Survivor
        Sex Education
        Building Credit
        Financial Advising
        Starting Your Own Business
        Bursaries and Scholarships
        Planning Your Future
        Success Mindset
        Continuing Education
        Healthy Eating 
        Time Management
        Coping with Challenges
        Healthy Meal Prep
        Purchasing Your First Home
        Working with Others
        CPR Training
        Help with Substance Abuse
        Resume Writing
        Young Mothers

        Furniture & Clothing

        We receive donations in the form of clothing and furniture that we provide to our registered families.   

        Summer Camp

        The program gives our registered children the opportunity to take part in an 8-week summer camp.
        It includes various academic classes, sports activities and weekly adventures. 

        What is new with Single Mothers in Progress?

        Although all in-person seminars are temporarily postponed due to Covid-19,
        we are still able to provide support online and over the phone, including:

        - Online food bank delivery system 

        - Online live chat
        - Live video counseling
        - Webinars 
        - Hosting online courses

        How you can help

        There are many ways to get involved and make a difference in the lives of single mothers and their children in the GTA. 

        We welcome donations of many kinds, including:

        - Advertising and Sale
        - Corporate Recognition

        - Donations:

      •     Become A Monthly Donor
            Donate Office Supplies
            Donate in Memory of a Loved One
            Donate Office Equipment
            Donate Office Furniture
            Donate By Phone or By Mail
            The Gift of Progress
            What can I donate
            Make A Gift in Your Will
            Nine Ways to Transform a Life

      • We are always grateful for, and in need of donations. However, you can also help volunteer your time. Please see our current list of volunteer position opening here.


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          Single Mothers in Progress has four main annual campaigns. This allows us to raise awareness and funding for our organization and its programs and services.

          Mothers Progress TV

          Single Mothers in Progress will be bringing to you our new channel. This channel will provide shows with the latest topics, news, and informative programming.

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          Online School

          Single Mothers in Progress will be bringing to you our new online school.